Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Code Blue & St Math

Today we were reviewing code blue procedures in the classroom in preparation for a whole school code blue practice coming up.

I tried very hard to make it as simple and worry-free as possible but the kids brought on MANY different questions. I did my best to answere them as simply as I could. I let the students know that these emergencies are very unlikely and not tyipical but that we always have to be prepared. I also let them know that they are safe here and that I would never let anything happen to any of them.

I am so sorry these are things we have to practice and talk about. Everyone did well and seemed to be in good spirits.

Also, I am sorry about the trouble some people seem to be having logging in to ST Math. One thing I would like make sure, when entering school name, please make sure you are entering PINE GLEN (as it says on the forms) and NOT Memorial. Not sure of the specifics but I believe the license was purchased under that school name.

Please let me know if that works or you still have trouble.

Have a great evening :)

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