Friday, October 28, 2016

Reading Class

We are having such a great time during our reading block!
On Fridays, we decided to do a program called Making Meaning, which we love but haven't had the time to fit in, in the past few years.
In each unit, we cover a new reading strategy through a read aloud, turn and talks, and then creating a class book based on the story we read.
Weeellllll... my readers didn't want to create a book because they all want to take their own work home in the end.
SO... Today I got the great idea to create a class read aloud video! Each time we finish our writing, I will record them reading it and put it together for you to see :) I think this will help the students become better readers and writers because there is an audience for them.
Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my iPad and didn't know so 1 student's didn't get recorded but he will just retread his and I will post it next week.

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